Talens Indian Ink

Talens Indian Ink

  • Trusted Ink for drawing, calligraphy & airbrush work
  • Not for tattoo
  • Based on a highly light fast pigment and shellac
  • Can be thinned with water: waterproof once dry
  • Gives deep black result through maximum pigment concentration
  • Suitable for many types of grounds such as (technical) drawing paper,
    board, polyester film and tracing paper
  • Applied using, a drawing pen and watercolour brush
  • Avalaible in 30ml jar, 490ml and 990ml bottle

Indian Ink 30ml

$10.03 Inc. GST $21.06 Inc. GST

Indian Ink 490ml

$47.74 Inc. GST $100.22 Inc. GST

Indian Ink 990ml

$75.31 Inc. GST $158.10 Inc. GST