Amsterdam Acrylic Ink Pearl & Metallic Colours

Be inspired with the NEW Pearl and Metallic colours.

Building an Oil Painting with Cobra

Build up an oil painting in multiple layers.

Calligraphy Blending

Calligrapher Elizabeth Zhang demonstrates beautiful blends using Ecoline Brush Pens.

Calligraphy Techniques

Using Ecoline Liquid Watercolours By Elizabeth Zhang.

Cobra and traditional oils?

Find out what the differences & similarties are between Cobra & traditional oils.

Cobra Sea Landscape Art

Watch Katerina Lyutova create a Sea landscape and be amazed with her technique.

Cobra Solvent free oil painting

How does Cobra Oil Paint differ from traditional Oil Paints?

DIY Tic Tac Toe game

Looking for a fun boardgame this summer? How about Tic Tac Toe?

Ecoline Round Bottles

Learn the effect of Ecoline colours out of the new round Ecoline bottle.

Hand lettering inspiration

What better time to try out this autumn-inspired piece? We used Bruynzeel’s fineliner brush pens.

Hand lettering with Ecoline

Dipping the Talens Ecoline Brushpen in a jar of liquid water colour Ecoline!

How to clean paint brushes?

Cleaning brushes after using water mixable oils is much easier than traditional oils.

How to clean your brushes

With Amsterdam Acrylic Remover 013.

How to tutorial: How to start a portrait

Ben Lustenhouwer demonstrates his sketching process.

How to tutorial: Painting Hair

Portrait painting by Ben Lustenhouwer using Rembrandt Oil.

How to tutorial: Painting hands

Ben Lustenhouwer shows you how to make them look real.


How to tutorial: Portrait painting

Ben Lustenhouwer shows you how to create a lively painting of a little boy. 

How to tutorial: Portrait painting

Ben Lustenhouwer shows you how to create a lively painting of a little girl. 

How to tutorial: Watercolours

Painting a portrait with Rembrandt watetrcolours.

Information on Rembrandt colour tubes

Learn what the symbols are on the Rembrandt Colour tubes.

Join the Revoilution

With Cobra oil paints, your workspace can now be free of harmful solvents.

Loving Vincent trailer

Loving Vincent, the worlds first fully painted animation film.

Paint a geometrical panel

Be inspired by this imaginative project created by artist Cat Kerr using Amsterdam Acrylic paint.

Pouring Technique Amsterdam Acrylic Ink

Learn how to create beautiful artwork.

Rembrandt Soft Pastels

Purest pigments mixed with the finest quality kaolin ensures softness & high colour intensity.

Using liquid masking film

Learn how to use liquid masking film to help you get straight lines & more.

What is Water Mixable Oil Paint?

Cobra is an oil paint and like all oil paints.

Wooden Xmas decoration

Invite holiday vibes into your home or garden with this modern-looking Christmas tree!