Rembrandt paper has been specially developed for professional artists.
It is acid-free, which guarantees that the work stays in good condition for many years. Due to an internal and special surface sizing, an optimal absorption of the paint is guaranteed. This makes the colours look their best.

Amsterdam Pads

  • Strong, smooth, and tear resistant paper 
  • Excellent resistance to UV to protect against aging 
  • Manufactured from acid-free polypropylene and will stay flat whatever technique you are using 
  • Perfect for Acrylic paints, spray paint, markers and ink, but can also be used for oil, gouache, watercolor and pencils
  • A4 210 x420mm

Van Gogh Black Watercolour Pad A4

Van Gogh Black Watercolour Pad A3

Amsterdam Acrylic Artpad A4 200gsm

Amsterdam Tear-Off Palette XL 35X50cm

Rembrandt Pastel Pad A3 Dark (6 Colours)

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Rembrandt Pastel Pad A3 Light (6 Colours)

Rembrandt Pastel Pad A4 Dark (6 Colours)

Rembrandt Pastel Pad A4 Light (6 Colours)