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Feature Artist - Jack Grayson

We were blown away when we saw this piece by artist Jack Grayson from Geelong in Victoria. We asked Jack all about his artwork and why he loves Rembrandt Pastels.

Rembrandt Pastel Tutorial

Jack Grayson is not only a master of Copic Markers –he’s got a knack for using Rembrandt Pastels too! We asked him to walk through the process he takes when approaching a piece using Rembrandt pastels. For this piece his client had commissioned a portrait of her dog. 

Amsterdam Acrylic Ink

Now available in Australia. Dream x Create with Amsterdam's 46 Brilliant artist acrylic inks.

Acrylic pouring with Amsterdam Acrylic Paint

Create a beautiful piece of art with Amsterdam Acrylic paint and pouring medium.

Tips & Techniques: Lightfastness

The degree of lightfastness of a colour indicates the extent to which a colour-giving substance is damaged by ultraviolet light.

How to paint a cloudy sky

In this step-by-step plan, we show you an easy way to recreate a fluffy, cloudy sky using Rembrandt soft pastels and Cobra oil paint.

Amsterdam Acrylic Inks

Mix your own acrylic ink colours!

Cobra – Glazing techniques

Glazing techniques using Cobra Water Soluble Oils.

Spring is in the air

Time for fun, colourful hand lettering! With Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolours & Talens Liquid Masking Film.

Production process Rembrandt Soft Pastels

Rembrandt Soft pastels are made on the basis of the finest kaolin.