Amsterdam Pallet Knives & Scrapers


Amsterdam Pallet Knives

  • The painting knives are made of the finest top-quality stainless steel
  • Flexible and resilient steel blade
  • The ergonomically designed handle of the large painting knives provides more comfort and a better grip with every application
  • Ideal for working with acrylic paint, gesso, modeling paste and gel mediums
  • The large painting knives are suitable for large amounts of paint and large grounds
  • The painting knives are suitable for mixing, applying, distributing and scraping off acrylic paint

Amsterdam Scrapers 

  • The strong, sturdy blade is resilient and perfect for scraping techniques, as well as ideal for mixing and bringing structure to paint, gels, modeling paste and various other pasty materials.
  • Also perfect for applying paint and gels layer over layer.
  • Three sides have fine to rough serrations, with one side smooth

Amsterdam Painting Knife Reg Small FSC

Amsterdam Painting Knife Reg. Medium FSC

Amsterdam Painting Knife Triangle

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Amsterdam Painting Knife Straight

Amsterdam Painting Knife Cake

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Amsterdam Scraper Metal 10X10

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Amsterdam Scraper Metal 15x15