Amsterdam Acrylics Sets


Amsterdam Sets
Amsterdam offers for various techniques a complete and well-balanced range

Sets selections varing from 6 to 72 colours 

The Characteristics

  • A very high level of lightfastness
  • An exceptionally durable paint film (the binding agent consists of 100% acrylic resin)
  • Alkali resistant, and consequently suitable for wall paintings
  • The specialties range and variety of mediums offers the acrylic painter the possibility 
    to release NEW striking effects

Ease of Use

  • The paint can be thinned easily with water
  • Short drying time: thin films of paint dry within half an hour 
  • The specific preparation method makes the paint practically odourless
  • The Specialties can be combined perfectly with the other 73 colours 
    of the Amsterdam Standard Series

Amsterdam Acrylic Intro Set 6X20ml

AAC Set 48x20ml

AAC Set 90x20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Set Urban Landscape 12X20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Primary Set 6X20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Metallics Set 6X20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Portrait Set 6X20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Pearlescent Set 6X20ml

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Amsterdam Acrylic Set 12x20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Greys Set 12X20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Pastels Set 12X20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Landscape Set 12x20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Set 24x20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Set 36x20ml

Amsterdam Acrylic Set 72x20ml